Monday, August 08, 2011

the Amazing Fun Continues

We've made it from Houston through Temple to San Antonio and are recovering for a day with the cousins in their beautiful house and awesome pool. Along the way I and the babies have contracted a richly bubbly cold. Also, the weather continues hot.

Anyway, you can see that we've gone from strength to strength--horse back riding to water feature jumping to swimming to family party after family part. I leave you to deduce which is which. Hopefully tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be able to unclog my head and think clearly and write something fascinating about our adventures.

 (Matt and two of his cousins--sorry about the focus.)


Steph said...

looks like you all are having a pretty good time, all things considered! My favorite is of all of you 'parked' under the 'no parking' sign! Keeping you in our prayers, and missing you bunches.

Anonymous said...

I was going to leave an inane coment about sunscreen but was overly impressed by the very sensible hat the baby wears - now if only all of you had similar hats it would be a good thing

R said...

Nice photos!