Monday, September 14, 2009

The Word Rightly Preached or A Monday Morning Haze

We've been listening to a lot of sermons lately--Mark Driscoll, RC Sproul, Alister Begg, John MacArthur. I wake up each morning to the sound of some preacher or other expositing the scriptures. Matt often listens to half the sermon while he's working out and then leaves it loudly on and goes away for a walk. When I'm a little more agile, it will be no problem to roll over and turn the volume off if its a sermon I'm not really interested in. But right now, I lie here morning after morning, unwilling to move, listening in half awake fascination.

For instance, I am now fairly sure that Mark Driscoll does not preach off a text. His sermons seem to ramble down into 'Its All About Jesus!' even on Mother's Day. He's been preaching through Proverbs--but really, I think, just so he can talk about different kinds of human dysfunction.

RC Sproul is talking right now about philosophy, as he often does. It always irritates me, at the end of a talk, to hear the announcer person come and and inform me that I haven't heard the whole thing but if I want to, I can order the box set. Of course, I'm not awake enough, usually, to absorb a whole talk.

John MacArthur last week, I think, was talking about life issues and creation? Actually I shouldn't say because I was Really Asleep. But it sounded good.

And just this morning, I listened to another excellent Alistair Begg sermon that was sort of on the scriptures But Really on Alistair's favorite hymns. As far as I can tell, an Alistair Begg sermon isn't complete without a recited hymn, Beatles's Song or some other piece of music.

I'm sure hearing all these sermons makes me more holy as the day goes on.


punctuation without capitalization said...

driscoll's series on nehemiah is great. but yea...i think after the first half of his sermons i tend to tune him out.

matt chandler is fantastic, though. his stuff on luke, ecclesiastes, and hebrews are highly recommended.

it is hard to find a good preacher, though.

Anonymous said...

Just looking at your daily log of your new child. My twin sons were born 31 years 5 months ago and wieghed 4# 6 oz each and were 16 in. long, just about where you are now.

Jill C. said...

I really like Alasdair Begg. It would take quite awhile, I think, before I tired of listening to him preach. (And the worship leaders at his church, when they're not on the road, are Keith and Kristyn Getty. What a combination!)