Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Did I mention we're having another baby?

I really don't have time to blog. Surprise!
Yesterday I hassled my husband and father into moving a heavy and deeply ugly cabinet up into the sun room in what is, for everyone else, an irritating organizing and cleaning frenzy.
The new floor for the living, dining and hallway is sitting in the dining room becoming used to the climate of this house.
I've been trying to de-clutter my own bedroom and go through bins and bins of clothes getting winter things out, new baby things out and all the bins into better organization over all.
I've got two foul eggs in jars of vinegar for science. They're sitting there, fat and gleaming and gross, engorged. Everybody wants to throw them away, and rightfully so.
And in another fit, I took the door off the basement stairs in the hopes that the kitty would more easily find his way down there, only to discover (thank you Mommy) that he's AFRAID of the basement because Elphine's cat is so mean to him. So now I'm trying to figure out where to put a private lou for him so that he will feel welcome to go in the right place rather than EveryWhere Else. We've known that Frances, Elphine's cat, is horrid. She was always pushing my cat around. For those of you who were wondering why we bless animals, its precisely for this reason. Although, year after year we we lay hands on her and year after year she continues to be very much part of God's fallen creation. I need a cat whisperer for both cats.

Here they are, in a brief moment of Christian charity.

But in a few minutes I'm going to put all that aside and cozy up with my whole hoard of children for some 'study at home'.


Geri said...

What kind of flooring are you climatizing? We had a major flood and have to replace around 1200 square feet.

Sounds like you are in that cleaning frenzy that precedes labor and delivery. Are your parents going to be able to stay long enough to see the new grand?

Pageantmaster said...

How wonderful. Prayers for you all.

God bless.