Friday, September 25, 2009

And so another week ran swiftly by

I've come to another Friday only to realize that a whole week has slipped through my blogging fingers. Not only did I not continue to redesign my blog, I didn't write anything either and I also frequently forgot to read any other blogs or the news or anything.

One whole night this week I missed sleeping at all, due to the number of babies in this tiny bed, and the rest of the week I've been catching up. Miraculously, tonight was the First Night, since we returned from all our summer travels, that everyone slept all the way through the night in their own bed. I have now had so much sleep that I'm tired because I'm not used to it. heh.

Because of all the sleeping location difficulties I kept everything down to a minimum--school, indulging an irritable attitude, making half cooked and weird meals because I couldn't think straight, and sarcasm. On the whole I think everyone is glad the week is over. Yesterday we redeemed the time by writing Thank You notes all afternoon and eating Apple Cake. This morning I have another Doctor's Appointment and Elphine has ballet in the evening, so we should be able to do plenty of learning in between.

As my gift to you, so that you will realize that you didn't miss me all That much, my exhaustion induced haze allowed me to see two things that Irritate me a whole lot.
The first, that so many of us end so many sentences with the word 'at'. The tipping point for me was to hear our Dear President do it on some morning show or other.
The second is more personal. I've been saying for two years now, 'oh, we're going to do school today' or variations there on, and I've concluded that its a ridiculous thing to say. From now on I'm going to Try to remember to say 'we're going to study' or something like that.

And now, hearing the gentle screaming of arguing children in the background, I will arise and discover what is the matter.

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Carrie said...

I thought you would comment on how "nother" isn't a word. You can say, "That's another issue" but you can't say, "That's a whole nother issue." But we do...ha! I do. nother nother nother.