Friday, September 18, 2009

7 Quick Takes

Jen's post today is exceptionally hard to beat. I had No Idea!

So I've missed blogging all week because my mom and dad are here and I spent the first part of the week cleaning and the second part collapsing out of relief and general delight. Its So Good to have them here. Not just because, of course, four adults on four kids is a lot easier, but because I really like them and there's so much to talk about. So, I will try very hard to keep up with blogging even though once I've told everything to my mother I loose my desire to write it down. Somehow I will have to find a balance over the next many weeks.
The Living and Dining Room are painted. I've decided not to photograph them until the floors are done because I'm still highly conflicted as to whether I like them or not. Picking paint colors when you can't even really think through what you want for breakfast is the height of foolishness. Suffice it to say that my warm/summer/spring colored husband looks great in the Living Room and I, cool toned/wintery as I am, do not look good. However, I look exceptional in the Dining Room. Honestly, what's the point of spending time in a room if you, personally, don't look beautiful in it?
As Art+ so helpfully pointed out, its Not Me that's signing up for ballet, its Elphine. I went to the parent meeting last night. Amazingly, Binghamton has a real classical school of ballet with someone who knows what they're talking about. My favorite bits from the meeting:
'You're child is probably used to being special, but when she comes here, she will be among all special children, and she will have to get used to it' and
'I am the teacher, this is my school. Please don't question my methods' and
'When they are small, the child has to love me and they will love me. Later, when they cry, you must help them.'
I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
I can't recommend enough How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, especially when the moment is right and the iron is hot. Alouicious and I are blowing through three or four lessons a day and I always have to stop even though he would like to go on. I don't want to burn him out. Of course, its all clicking into place in a way that it wasn't earlier.
The top of my blog says I only have 45 days to go before this new baby makes an appearance. That seems like an immeasurably long time Except For The Fact That We Have Not Agreed On A Name!!!!! Have become desperate enough to even begin praying about it.
Clearly, this blog is only halfway redesigned. The rule about repainting your house at 32 weeks of pregnancy applies to redesigning a blog. I can't think clearly enough to make important decisions about what the blog should look like.
I woke up at 3 am in a cold sweat worried about When we will go apple picking. Its been so rainy, will there ever be a good moment? And should we try to go while my dad is still here? Or should we wait until mid October? If we go too early, we'll get our pumpkin too early. If we go too late, I might be giving birth. Woke up again at 5am thinking 'Is apple picking Really the most important and worrying thing on my mind right now?' Now, three hours later, I honestly believe that it is.

Have a good weekend!


Emily said...

Great quick takes! And thanks for the tips on teaching your child to read. That's just the kind of thing I've been looking for!

Good luck with the apples!

This Heavenly Life said...

I'm not even good at picking out clothing to make me look beautiful - it seems daunting to try and paint a room that makes me look beautiful! I'm so terrible at color choices. But at least you're DONE painting, that's the best part!

AmmaKate said...

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings. We are happily at one of our guys homes, welcoming our newest Grandson, AJ. Life is good

lhb said...

Anne - My husband brought home your post about the paint colors, and your concerns. He's a regular reader, and I'm a new one. But Paint Color Consultation is one of my business specialties, tho' not in your region. Here is a suggestion: If you painted just the walls and trim, consider another (soft)color on the ceiling. If you are a Winter in complexion, even Benjamin Moore's Atrium White (a white with a drop of pink in it)(or their Aura paint in Gardenia) will make you look great, without your husband looking ill. It doesn't look pink, but it sets up a warm glow in the room. Standard ceiling white can make everyone look grey. If the colors of the room are in oranges and yellow greens (you mentioned he is a Spring), you may need a creamier color on the ceiling, but also consider some accents in the room (pillows, glass sculptural forms such as vases, a throw) in colors from the other side of the color wheel - the blues. It will add contrast, make the room pop, and you will probably feel much better about it. From here, these are only general color guidelines. There are designers who will do in home calls for reasonable rates, and who listen well to their clients, and others who only suggest colors they like. Find the former, and show the latter the door. Good luck!
Linda Bassert
Masterworks Window Fashions & Design, LLC
Fairfax, VA

Anonymous said...

Just a tip to ease your mind (maybe). With our 5th child (who will be 1 next week!) We didn't actually decide on a name until after she was born. Never had that happened before, but we just couldn't agree. After a few hours, while I was at risk of completely losing it and my husband seemingly didn't mind photographing an un-named daughter, we finally decided. Good luck...and praying might have been a good idea for me! :o)

Laura from FL