Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That Long Ago Trip to Kenya: Episode Two, Visiting the Giraffes

A very short 15 minutes or so from my parents house in Karen, there is a Giraffe Refuge, I think on the edge of the Nairobi game park. (Mom, is that right?). We went one afternoon towards the end of the visit, hoping mainly to see these amazing creatures, but having heard that we might be able to feed them also. Gladys, as you can see below, spent nearly the Whole Time feeding them and was angry when the food seemed to slow and run out. The tongue of a giraffe is like slimy sand paper. She didn't mind this at all. Elphine, on the other hand, was completely disgusted and would not go near those tongues for any price.

This, obviously, is not a giraffe but a very fine warthog.

After being so brave and feeding the giraffe, Gladys was given a very fine wooden giraffe. Elphine picked out three more smaller ones, one for herself and one each for her brothers.


R said...

That is so neat.


Polly said...

I have totally been to that giraffe park! I'm with Gladys - feeding them is fun.