Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday on the Links because there's too much to do

Elphine's cat is staring me down for a saucer of milk.
Romulus is looking pale and complaining of a stomach ache.
Alouicious is still sleeping.
Gladys is wearing layers of other people's clothes and shouting.
And I am calculating up all the things I need to do today and trying to organize them into some kind of order. For instance, I have another Dr.'s appointment and ultrasound. And I need to go to the post office. And today is the last day to go find a suitable leotard (scoop neck, cap sleeves, black, no tights) for the first day of ballet. And I said I would pick up four pieces of foam board for the the Land of Israel Pin Map. And we're doing so well in reading and math that I Really Hate to miss a day on that score. Oh, and Matt is speaking at IV tonight so I'll need to be around on and off to see if he needs anything. Looking at the list I can see that it is too many things so I'm going to stop with the list and go make breakfast for everyone.
But for your pleasure on a Friday, I really enjoyed This Post, which, I can attest to, is SO TRUE.
And the kids and I watched this again last night. It really never grows old.

OH, I nearly forgot, Dr. Mabuse a while ago posted one of these. Again, really very fine.

And this was so funny, even though I know I'll never get around to seeing the movie.


Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, so please check with your vet about this, but I seem to remember reading that cats really shouldn't have milk, but rather water instead. I remember something about milk may form kidney stones. Hope I'm wrong but thought I'd share it so you can get an official word from your vet if you like.

Anonymous said...

Wow Anne! I wouldn't think you could do ballet in your condition right now. Maybe in 2 months, but I would wait till then

Anne Kennedy said...

I've been laughing for three days at the idea of actually doing ballet myself. Its completely made my weekend. My thought is that I would most look like one of Sandra Boyton's Hippos dancing--expression and all.
Thank you.