Thursday, September 03, 2009

That little item of Mr. Obama speaking to all our children

Hee heeeee heeee
Further chaos reigns in the current administration.
The White House revised the plans Wednesday to say students could "write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals."
"That was inartfully worded, and we corrected it," Higginbottom said.
In the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas, the 54,000-student school district is not showing the 15- to 20-minute address but will make the video available later.

I love the cut and thrust of domestic politics. This has gotten to be so interesting I might see if I can't go borrow someone's tv so we can watch it as part of our school day. After our CC review, of course, which not only includes some fascinating ancient geography, but also the 10 commandments. Maybe we will even write ourselves letters of how we can achieve our long and short term educational goals. I've already planned that we'll write letters this term. Better yet, lets send the letters to Mr. Obama! Heeeeheeeeeeeeeee
(And really, is that poor man's name really Mr. Higginbottom? Surely this is some kind of joke?)


Anonymous said...

What tickles me is at my daughter's high school (Catholic, girls only) they already posted their goals and dreams for the year. In her home room the posts included get good grades, get off restriction, win state, and similar items. I picked out my daughter's goal right away: "40 Days for Life Campaign". She started a pro-life club at the end of last year and is trying to get the school to participate in one of the 40 days in a meaningful way. Wonder what the president would think of her goal?

R said...

Probably not, as I knew a girl named Higginbottom- luckily she changed her name upon marriage.

Hahah! That is a great article. Putin has his own youth program.