Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Day of Wonder and Excitement

Its chilly this morning and I can't convince Gladys and Romulus to go play elsewhere. They are rolling around my bed letting cold air in. Boy I'm glad we're all still in bed while the rest of the world scrambles towards the first day of school, or maybe that's tomorrow. Nothing wrong with school. Its just that we all stayed up till 9pm eating cake and talking politics so its really nice to sleep in. The kiddos really want to watch the speech but I read it last night and it seems pretty boring. AND, we have So Much to do today as far as school goes. My mind is not made up. Also, I have to go buy a new toothbrush. I'm willing to take all four children on such an errand, however fraught. Gladys got a hold of mine and chewed it to smithereens and I cannot cope. Its these small eventualities that make the day so interesting.

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Geri said...

Those small things are the ones that create big memories. Gladys eating Mommy's toothbrush is a keeper.