Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thank You For Praying

I am sitting in Matt's sister's beautifully vast comfortable living room, computer in lap, watching a hurricane roll in towards Brownsville on TV. We had planned to go swimming today but the skies are looking cloudy.

So you can see that we made it safely, with the cheerings and well-wishings of just about everybody who saw us (that would be two full airplanes of people, and many many people in the Baltimore airport and San Antonio). The children were golden.

Having said that, it was an extraordinarily long day.
I managed to sleep only one hour the night before. R, for some inexplicable reason, was restless and wakeful. So I watched the minutes and hours tick by on the clock, finally fell asleep at 3am, woke up at 4:30 and just got up. As a result, I forgot all our tooth brushes. And I was sleep walking all day.

And now, having started to tell you about it, I am falling asleep. So I'm going to conk out in this comfy chair while my children yell and twirl. Hopefully, upon awaking, I will be able to remember the last 24 hours.


Joyce Carlson said...

I was praying for you, and of course now I'm dying to hear the rest of the details. Like who sat where and said what, and all that sort of thing. Did you get any pictures of the great migration?

Julie said...

You're very welcome. Please, please give Rowan a hug and kiss for me....I miss him so much!

Dr. Alice said...

Hooray, so glad your trip went well. Have a lovely visit!

Bob Maxwell+ said...

Frog strangler, eh?