Friday, July 18, 2008

Don't wait to pray, Pray Now

In three days and a bit I'm going to wake up very early in the morning, dress my four tiny highly energetic children up in their best clothes, pack everything up into a very nice rented car driven by a good friend from church, and begin a Long Day of Travel and Anxiety. Well, I'm having the anxiety now so maybe the name of the day will change by then.

Why the anxiety? Because the day before Matt will be flying to London watch and write about the waste of a time Lambeth meeting that is currently in progress. So on one hand I'll be praying fervently and preoccupidely that he gets there safely, as well as luggage. And, on the other hand I'll be leading my little ones through a total of three airports, getting them on and off two airplanes, and through security one time.

We've been practicing Airport. R is having to learn to hold A's hand, much as they both Hate it. E is well adept at holding G. In this way I should be able to get stroller, computer, four carry ons, and five pairs of shoes on the belt, walk everybody through, and then recover it all on the other side Without loosing anyone.

I've also been collecting food-dried fruit, animal crackers, raisins, peanut butter and jelly roll ups, nutella roll ups, and muffins. I've carefully worked out our schedule so that I can buy milk on the other side of security, and water, and probably coffee because I'll really need it by then. I've mentally packed all the carry ons five or six times.

We're all dressing up so that people will be nice to us (don't you think its easier to be nice to good looking people? Isn't that awful?)

And, of course, I've been praying about all this for about a month, but I Request that you all pray for me as well, and to help you, I am providing a Detailed List right here.

Pray for the Kennedys
1. That Matt will travel safely and arrive safely in England
2. That he won't loose anything
3. That the children will sleep well Monday night and wake up cheerful
4. That they will attend to my every word
5. That we will Not Experience Any Delays
6. That the airline will treat us gently
7. That our luggage (containing important Bears) will arrive with us
8. That we will have a Fun time riding airplanes
9. That the children will enjoy each other and not bicker all day
10. That God will be glorified in some mysterious way by our traveling all over the world and America

I know that I don't need to worry, that God holds all things in his hand, including us, and that if he can care for the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, surely he will care for us, However, air travel isn't what it once was. I just think it might help to remind God of these changes (heh). Or, you could pray that I will be reminded of God's sovereign grace. And, after you've prayed over my list, if you have time, you could pray for some kind of miracle to occur at Lambeth, particularly that the 'ndaba' groups fail miserably and they have an actual meeting where real things are decided.


Anonymous said...

Re: water. I've begun carrying an empty water bottle through and filling it from a fountain after clearing security. Beats $$$ for bottled water.

Miss Sippi

Polly said...

You are a brave, brave woman.

Kerry said...

Polly - you took the words RIGHT OUT of my mouth!

Anne - I will be praying for both traveling Kennedys and the traveling Kennedy kids.

Chazaq said...

Lord, it's me again. Please dump an extra load of patience, good humor, understanding, and helpfulness on every human person who comes into contact with this determined woman and her energetic kids as they sojourn to wherever they are going. And Lord, we jus' wanna ask that you especially add a bonus jolt of goodness to the folks who will be sitting next to, behind, and in front of them on the airplanes, if you know what I mean. I offer this prayer in Jesus' name. Amen.

Grandpa Dino said...

Our prayers are with you.