Thursday, July 03, 2008

As If I Had Time

This is totally off topic, but yesterday I laboriously compared our shopping bill with Amazon's Subscribe and Save program, having heard that one can really save on Diapers particularly. There were many great prices BUT, EVERYthing that we normally buy was still cheaper at Wegmans, especially the Wegman's brand (except for Olive Oil, but whatever brand we bought was still cheaper than on Amazon). I can imagine that if we didn't live with Wegman's in proximity it would be a good deal. Just wanted to share that with all of you.

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Anonymous said...

I miss Wegmans so much that I could cry a little. Okay, maybe mot that much, but you know. We spend about 20% more on groceries down here and don't get as nice food. It had been balancing out with the cheaper gas, but not anymore obviously.

-Katy A.