Sunday, July 27, 2008

For the Grandparents

Matt's parents have very thoughtfully and graciously had time warner come and make their whole house wireless. So I am sitting here very comfortably next to my moaning and couch ridden son while he feels terrible. He has strep and an ear infection and now the pain and humiliation of a large shot in his little derrière.

This is new territory for me. It dawned on me, in the car ride home just now, that in 6 years of having 4 children and hitting season after of season of sickness and winter crud, I am the only one that ever gets ear infections and strep. They all have had the flu and a cold every year and that's it. My pediatrician, of course, would immediately attribute this robust health to my nursing all of them. But I'm pretty sure its mostly the grace and mercy of God who is always surrounding and protecting my babies.

I don't know what this says about me, as a mother, but before it occurred to me to take him to the doctor, I blessed some oil this morning and anointed his head and tummy and legs and hands. And my prayers were utterly answered because his fever didn't come down and we then immediately took him to the doctor and he is already on the mend.

a warrior at rest


Rev Dr Mom said...

I'm really happy for you (not being facetious) that your kids haven't had ear infections, but I surely hope that you don't mean to imply that God is not similarly guarding all the kids (like mine) who did have them.

Hope he feels better soon.

Anne Kennedy said...

rev dr mom
no, of course not.

Julie said...

I let K know and we are specially praying for A.

Joyce Carlson said...

And since A's Baba is far away in Mali and can't get onto your internet site, I've just copied your last week's posts and emailed them to him so he can worry in retrospect. Not that he'll worry.
He is off to the bush tomorrow, to live with bugs and all the hassles of village life. And all the visiting, while trying to get as much dictionary revision done as possible with solar power.

Bob Maxwell+ said...

and thanks for the slide-show of the land of the Holy One.