Friday, July 25, 2008

Matt is Live Blogging

I'm trying to fend off the hoards while I refresh Matt's live blog. I don't think anything interesting is going to happen, its just a nice way to spend some 'time' with him, heh, in real time.

I'm raving with energy already this morning because we've all slept two nights in a row. Amazing what a little sleep will do. Today, hopefully, will be low key so the kiddos can gather their little emotional selves together and have some rest.

On that note, of gathering our emotional selves together, I am minute by minute more ashamed of the mess of this church. I am no longer satisfied with the excuse that we are 'not perfect' or that 'every church falls into error'. What is going on in Lambeth right now is a blot on Christian history. It is the culminating crown of embarrassment on an extraordinarily shameful period on the life of the Church. The whole idea that the Archbishop of Canterbury, of all people, would mess around with 'ndaba' groups, and unbiblical embarrassing marches in the street against hunger while the church shatters into a million pieces and the gospel is made a complete mess of, well. Mat God have mercy on us all.


Rayna22 said...

+Anne, could you elaborate as to what your issues are with the indaba groups and the march against poverty? I'm trying to see both sides (or the many sides, really) of this, but don't understand the opposition to these two things. Is it simply because you believe the groups and the march will be ineffectual?

Just curious, and hope you have a chance to elaborate further. Feel free to e-mail me if you wish. I know you're busy at the moment -- hope you're having a good trip.

Rayna22 said...

Whoops -- I elevated you to +Anne, when I think it should be Anne+! Sorry -- I never do get those things right, and perhaps should just leave it off altogether! Was simply trying to give the proper respect where it's due. Please forgive the error.

Anonymous said...

Anne, I thank you for the clarity and un-carefulness of this comment. I couldn't agree with you more.