Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flee, thou, from temptation

Wednesday appears to be the day to blog. I'm really supposed to be doing work (All Kinds of work, I'm feeling tempted to list it all but, as I just told my Bible Study, Scripture teaches us to flee from temptation) so blogging seems an obvious choice.

I'm sitting here in the library at church with a large inadequate lamp, a pot of tepid tea, ice cold milk, and a large cupcake. I shouldn't be sitting next to a cupcake. I'm trying to loose five pounds this week in advance of seeing Matt's mom and sister who I am always hoping to impress (they're both so much cooler than me, but I make the effort anyway).

And on the other side (away from the cupcake) I've got a nice fresh stack of CC books that arrived yesterday. Last night I watched the info video that came along (well, listened, but I had a vague feeling there was supposed to be a picture along with). I was so tired, lying there listening, and honestly, the only thing that sticks in my mind is that Leigh Bortins, while having a very soothing voice and important things to say, did not appear to be breathing and would come up for a big gasp of air every paragraph or so.

Alright, alright. Kelly is sitting here waiting for me to stop blogging so we can go work. Blast it all.


Shawn said...

Matt's mom has to reply to that one!You "impress" us all the time by just being you.We are daily amazed at what you manage to achieve and still be such a great wife and mom. You are a dear part of our family and don't ever feel it is necessary to look a certain way or be a certain way except just how you are for ANYONE, and especially us who are far far away from achieving perfection, just ask God!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see y'all!

Anonymous said...

Say "hi," to Matt's sister for me. We met when the committee she facilitated made their presentation in Albuquerque.

Bob Maxwell+
. . .still ridin' for the brand.