Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Feet Back on the Ground

We've been lying flat practically all day. Let me revise that. We've felt like lying flat all day but instead we went on a much much much needed provisions trip, vacuumed up ten days worth of dog hair, cleaned out the fridge and began reinstating parental order and discipline. The two oldest just needed gentle reminders not to whine, to share, to be kind, to be obedient (ok, so maybe there was a big back slide), but with R, well, we're starting over from scratch. Somehow, in the last week, he came to the conclusion that he is King of the Universe-not a good situation for all of humanity.

I'm working through my pictures and hopefully tomorrow will post about our day in Galilee. In the meantime, its good to be home, messy as it is.


Dr. Alice said...

Oh, the joy and pain of coming home. So glad you arrived all in one piece and I really enjoyed reading your posts. (Especially GAFCON Baby!) It sounds like you had both a fabulous and productive time. Did you pick up any new recipes? Would love an authentic hummus or similar.

Ralinda said...

Well I spent Wednesday at a waterpark that has free sodas/tea and thankfully was able to charge on with caffeinated diet drinks all day!
It was great to meet you at GAFCON. Hope life and child discipline is back to normal soon (at your house and mine).