Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baking and Thinking

Thank You So much, to all of you who have responded so kindly and encouragingly. I am wading through my email now, hoping to write most all of you back personally, and trying to write biographically in my head as I clean and
Apple Muffin Fancy Breakfast
1 recipe Joy of Cooking full fat basic muffins
use 4 Tablespoons instead of 8 melted butter substituting apple sauce for the rest of the butter
liberally butter a square cake pan and fill it with the batter.
Carefully and lovingly lay paper thin slices of apple in even rows over the top,
liberally sprinkle brown sugar over the whole top
bake at 400
serve it with mounds of butter and Morning Prayer.

You can do this if your children are lithe and thin and not given over over to childhood obesity (we go easy on the butter with R, given the fatness of his stout legs and enormous tummy).

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Anonymous said...

I'm a new reader (by way of Stand Firm) and a mom of 2 little ones. I'm enjoying reading some of your older posts. I was wondering if you pray Morning Prayer with the children, and if so, is it something you do regularly (a part of the morning routine), and do you use the BCP devotions for Individuals and Families or another form? Thanks!