Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another Agonized Thought

Well, the legal battles begin in earnest. As everyone is noting, its not a surprise. It was the obvious next step. However, knowing in advance that its going to happen doesn't mitigate against that horrible sick feeling in the pit of the stomach as each new step is taken, each new weapon is armed for war.

I remember seeing Bishop Lee driving around the seminary or meeting with various groups in the refectory (as I believe it is known)--black and purple, carefully quaffed hair, eyes always in the middle distance. Indeed, his face mirrored perfectly in expression the many portraits looming over us innocents as we ate our breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

As I consider my whole time in the Episcopal Church-from confirmation through the ordination process and seminary-I can't fix in my mind the face of one Godly bishop who has impacted me personally. All I see are seas distantly expressioned purple.

I hope for better things in the days to come. I hope to actually meet some Godly and trustworthy bishops face to face and work for them and be impacted and changed. I hope even more that in the days to come these Congregations in VA will stand and speak the truth and WIN. More than hope, I will even Pray.

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Christie said...

Come to Uganda! There are wonderful bishops. Bishop Evans Kisseka is ours. And, on the 10th of Februaary we get to spend the day with Arch Bishop Orombi's wife here in our parish. How often would that happen at 815?