Friday, January 05, 2007

Six Fings to do Today

1. Looking at the bird cage for a couple of hours.
2. Besuring the cookies are on the tray.
3. Making cookies and besuring the tea party is good.
4. Beranging the Christmas Cards
5. Besuring that the candles aren't dirty-that they're alwight.
6. Taking a bath after the tea party.

1, 2 and 4 have been checked off. The cage has been stared into. The Christmas cards have all be turned so that their pictures are facing the wall. And there are various trays of fake cookies scattered around the house. Now Emma and my mother are condescending back and forth to each other as they make cookies. We'll see how the cookies and tea party turn out. I refuse to be suckered in to these activities. Instead I will be lying on the couch, my ear carefully propped, reading The Light Fantastic, which I highly recommend if you're looking for something to read.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Huzzah for the 'Light Fantastic!' I have a whole collection here if you'd like to borrow any of the others, straight through to 'Wintersmith.' You do realize that the illustrious Pratchett is at least partly to blame for my husband and myself? I think I'll invite him to the renewal of the vows, just so he knows.