Saturday, January 13, 2007


Matt finally got sick the beginning of this week. After avoiding it for nearly a month, he succumbed and was laid flat for three days-unable to breath, unable to exercise, unable to cope with life. I started five or six posts--ranging in topic from KJS's recent interview, to the fact that we're taking care of Micah's cat (bringing our total, for the week, to FOUR cats), to various conversations that I've had with the children, etc. But I was never able to finish a thought. Now I am jammed in between all three children, plus a cat, trying to do the bulletin and sort myself out to do the Flight into Egypt tomorrow. I have a donkey, a Mary that was to have a Sacred Heart of Mary on it, but the Heart got left off and now there's a gap, and a large infant Jesus. I'm trying to sucker Matt into making me a Mary, Joseph and Jesus. We'll see. So, you are all spared my sarcasm about the fact the KJS doesn't know who Al Mohler is, among other caustic remarks I had stored away.


Christie said...

Hope your Flight into Egypt went well! Since we had only six weeks to do Catechesis style lessons while the teacher was away, we went ahead with the parable of the Good Shepherd last week. It went really well with the 5 and six year olds getting it. It was so much fun. So, Camille and I decided to go for it, and present the Eucharistic presence. Some were getting it. We needed more time, but the seed was planted. The regular teacher was back this week and he was suitably impressed. He asked if we could do something liturgical for lent. Well he had to twist my arm, but I finally said we could come up with something!
Both of us had well equipped atriums at the churches we left. (Sigh--so much time and effort put in, but alas, it is still being used in my old parish, so I know that the children are getting some good teaching about the Good Shepherd.) But, Camille made up the sheepfold and sheep. We will do the best we can for lent. The parents are saying they want something Anglican and liturgical.
I have volunteered to do a series in the summer for the 4th and 5th graders.
I love hearing about your presentations. God bless you.

Anne Kennedy said...

It well moderately well, thank you. :) I was so conjested that I couldn't think properly and my wondering questions all became fouled up. Instead of 'I wonder who really provided for Jesus', it came out something like, 'so, come on, who was organizing the program'. I might bring it back in a couple of weeks to try and correct that error.
I'll pray for you as you try to introduce more. How many levels have you had? The nice thing about level two (and I imagine three when I get there) is that one thing can go on for a series of weeks. Last year I did the synthesis of the eucharist in lent (because that was the material I had) and I stretched it out. Of course, for little ones, they don't have that level of attention. Anyway, I hope it comes together. Its such an enormous work!

Christie said...

I have had Level I and II and 1/2 of Level III.

I didn't like the theology of the person teaching the level 3 class, so didn't go back and finish it. I should have. I started in 1996 with the work. Actually, it is pretty active in the Los Angeles diocese. That's why it has a bad name for the orthodox in this area.

I will definitely pray for you. I love your "wondering" question. I'm sure the kids didn't miss a beat.

Camille is a Certified Level 1 trainer. She worked hard on the Materials Manuals for Level I and II. You should have seen what we were working with the first year! But, that was better than many catechists had before that.

My favorite trainer is Marty O'Bryan in Arizona. She and her husband have such a wonderful knowledge of Scripture. She is a magnificent teacher as well as presenter.

Anne Kennedy said...

I know what you mean about CGS having a bad name. Its kind of a mixed bag up here--either very Catholic or basically liberal--not much of a place for it amongst the reformed. But we keep plugging away.