Monday, January 08, 2007


I never intend to get going on politics--avoiding the issue at all costs at church and just generally staying out of it--but boy, let me just tell you, after listening to NPR for a total of 15 minutes over two days I just want to shout at somebody.

The drum roll for more troops in Iraq has been steadily unrelenting for months and months and months. And all I've heard (although it could be that I have my head in a hole) is that more troops would be a good thing. And yet Suddenly, when it becomes apparent that more troops will be sent, its a Bad Idea. Well come on. Don't just be opposed to everything. Come up with some kind of plan. (obviously, I speak of the Democratic Party).

I'm convinced that Democrats today are like my two year old--if you repeat it often and loudly enough maybe it will become true, and, if something's not working out according to your plan, fall down and scream loudly.

I hope more troops go in, solve this complete mess-and quickly-and before the next election, or may God have mercy on us all. Well, of course, I hope God is having mercy on us now and in the future, but also a modicum of wisdom to go with it, because that also seems to be totally lacking.

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