Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weak Pathetic Excuses

As usual, nothing ever turns out the way I plan. The first big unpleasantness that I hadn’t accounted for when signing up for Mere Anglicanism was that the conference was held in a place not wired for internet. Matt and I spent nearly two whole days off line which was probably good for the states of our souls (perhaps we became more holy) but was very frustrating. I took copious notes and shot video of Edith Humphrey and two panels—the Scholars Panel and the Common Cause Panel. The notes will be appearing shortly (as in this evening) here but the video you will have to wait for Greg to edit, fix all my mistakes, and post on Stand Firm.

It must be confessed that Matt and I missed Morning Prayer on Friday and then were unable to attend anything on Saturday, having to get home in time to prepare for church today. So hopefully others will relate their delights and experiences of that day. Let me also complain bitterly that I missed the first part of Nazir Ali’s first talk because there wasn’t terribly enough time between Evensong and the talk and Greg and Matt decided that their Shrimp and Grits were more important. So I bolted a very nice Salmon Spinach Salad and ran over on my own (hoping to tape but there was no particularly good place to set up) and took notes.

I’m going to post notes separately and also a shortish account of my overall impressions. I am so grateful that I got to go and delighted to have met so many interesting people.

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