Friday, January 19, 2007


He Slept! All the way through. 10:30pm to 7:30 In The Morning!!!!! Can you believe it. This one enormous, well layered, almost 6 month old baby was still waking up at 2AM and 4AM for a little snack. Well, not little--2 full feedings in the middle of the night. But after 2 agonized nights of standing next to his crib repeatedly putting his plug into his mouth with each piercing scream, last night he appeared to have given up and just decided to sleep.

May the Lord be praised.
I had every hope of leaving him home so as to come to Mere Anglicanism childless, but if he refused to sleep I wasn't going to leave some nice person at his mercy for three days. So, we'll be there with bells on. And if you had hoped to meet our children, tough, we're not bringing them. :)

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