Monday, April 23, 2012

weekend in review

Phew. What a weekend.
Matt talked to the Mormons on Saturday evening. I desperately cleaned the house and put laundry away. Yesterday Matt got up at 4 and I got up at 5 and we both worked solidly through until 9:30 when we fell asleep with all the lights and computers on.

All of that to say that these two cats lying here sleeping as if they had been working hard at whatever it is they do all day and night are really irritating. Really really really irritating.

Also, I realized that all the extra tv watched during Holy Week and "Easter Break" has made my children more stupid. Measurably so.

So much more stupid that we're actually going to do some school on a Monday (I know!). Desperate measures are called for in these critical times.

In the midst of all the busyness, however, I did happen to engage in the following remarkable conversation and write it down.

Romulus: Did you know that the person in my tummy is making a fire? Whenever I eat noodles, he makes a fire.
Me: What kind of person is it?
Romulus: A cooker.
Gladys: Yeah, his name is Daniel.
Romulus: Sometimes he is mean to me.
Gladys: The person in my tummy is named Daniel too.
Matt (to me): At least neither of them are alone.
Gladys: My Daniel is funny and evil at the same time.

Multiple personality disorder? Digestion/Tummy issues? Really amazing imaginations? I don't know. And now its time to do some more work.

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