Monday, April 09, 2012

for the grandparents

 Stuff is coming up in my garden.
 Six children dying eggs means buying three flats of eggs.
 A good time, as you can see, was had by all.
 "The Easter Bunny" came. Stupid Bunny.
 Easter Preparations laid out on Saturday before the Vigil.
 Nobody wanted a picture. Some were very angry.
 And nobody would cooperate. Threatened to take all the chocolate away.
 Arguing quietly in the church nursery.
 My, that Is a baby!
 It looks pious, but what they were talking about was not holy at all. (Sunday School)
 Mary, Mary the Mother of James and Salome running along the top of the tomb and then jumping off with explosion and machine gun sound effects. The young man beats them all up. "That's NOT how we use these materials!" the Sunday School teacher shouted.
 Exhausted children hunt for eggs.
 How is it that they're basically the same height? #weird
 One of them escaped from bed. Can you guess which?
 Running around and around with no clue but happy anyway.

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