Wednesday, April 18, 2012

let me be your morning cup of coffee

One baby is down for the count. Marigold woke up at 11pm having thrown up and then again at 3am with a fever. I held her from 3 to 5 praying fervently and selfishly that she would not throw up on me or in my bed, dozing here and there and startling awake from strange and irritating dreams. Now the baby, I mean Baby Lady Elaine, is trying to sit on her head and laughing with a gusty insane laugh.

So, I'm taking bets with myself as to how long before the next child falls.

On the other hand, Marigold lying around drinking sips of water and having a periodic hug is a blessed temporary relief from Marigold running around pulling everything out of the cupboards and pouring couscous on the floor. It may be that we could get the girls out of their room in preparation for my parents to be in there (SO Exciting!) with Half the Hassle.

And while we (me and all the well children) do that, Matt will be focusedly writing his talk for the local LDS congregation on Saturday evening. He has a light in his eyes and his hair is all on end as he navigates the intricacies of Mormon theology and thought. Every few hours he emerges and relates some new something he's discovered. Don't know how he'll actually type, though, since it appears he's just seriously hurt his hand by busting a blood vessel or something.

So, if you need something, call first, because I might be covered in vomit. Cheerio!

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