Monday, April 02, 2012

Lady Elaine

I'm here to announce the blog name of The Baby. She's over a year old now, gasp, and fat fat fat (for us) fatty fat fat and fairly thuggish in her manner and sense of entitlement. For many weeks I have been hovering over the 'publish' button to announce that she would be called Honoria, in honor of that solid outdoorsy girl itching to do Bertram Wooster so much improving good. There's just something about this jowl cheeked baby that whispers "solid, thick ankles, pushy", the belligerent gleam in her eye, perhaps. But as everyone knows, 'Honoria' does not begin with the letter 'E', and so we would have been breaking a long standing and deeply held tradition up here in grey-skied Binghamton.

And so, as one looking to the future in which it might be expected that this solid child will slim out and become more delicate and nuanced in her management of all the people in her life, I am picking a name she might possibly love, or at least the romance of which she will love.

I hope you will join me in congratulating her on finally having a named place in the blogosphere!

 Unwrapping a great big doll.
 Elphine and I, blowing out her birthday candle.
 ribbons and pretty paper
 deep deep concentration


Kat said...

Lady Elaine was also the name of the bossy and cantankerous puppet from Mr Rogers Neighborhood. ;) so perhaps she won't need to change much to grow into her Blog Name, if she really does have a belligerent gleam in her eye.

Happy Birthday, Lady Elaine, and congratulations on having a name!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I first thought of Lady Elaine on Mister Rogers, too! Welcome to the blogosphere, Lady Elaine! We look forward to hearing more about you and from you, in time!