Friday, April 20, 2012

7 quick takes--I've been very busy but I've still got a lot to do

Marigold was up all night again, not throwing up, but chatting and wandering around looking for milk and stuff. I am lying here with an abysmal and mind blowing headache listening to her do something in the kitchen. Unloading the dishwasher? Eating a loaf of bread? I'm not sure. Time for the 'God has a special plan for her that none of us even care about' pep talk again.
While on this little 'vacation' of the last two weeks I finished organizing my school room. I had, as it were, begun organizing it last September before school started, but when my start day rolled around I threw my proverbial hands into the proverbial air and said 'Whatever' and started school. Now, eight months later, everything finally has a place and is in it.
And I got all my seeds into pots so in a few weeks I can go take up a plot in the community garden. Share a plot, actually. Have potted tomatoes, beans of various kinds, asparagus, lettuce, swiss chard, zucchini, and a bunch of other stuff. I put all my little pots on a tray and as I move them around trying to keep them safe, the babies follow and rearrange the little tags and take dirt out of one and put it in another. Doesn't really matter since I don't know what I'm doing anyway.
Also got the girls out of their room into the boys'. Elphine elected to sleep in the little cupboard in the wall. She's been in there two nights and I keep waiting for her to decide that it's horribly uncomfortable and ask for the mattress I have standing by. Romulus and Gladys each have half of his bed and shouted at each other all the first night, angrily from what I hear, but conked out last night and slept through. Elphine was Very Weepy during all the moving. I spent four whole hours helping her decide where to hang her aprons and bonnet, how she would play 'old fashioned', finding her a chair for the low shelf desk and on and on. Yesterday we started A Series of Unfortunate Events and she cheered considerably when she realized how good she actually has it.
And so today we're going to start back to school. We're going to do art and poetry and music this morning and read some books, just to show ourselves that we like the whole enterprise and will be delighted to pick it up with renewed vigor and enthusiasm next week (hardy har har).
And I'm also going to make lemon curd and pie crust because there's a tea at church on Sunday. I don't actually remember volunteering to make these little tarts. I have a vague impression that someone volunteered me (Stephanie!). Hmmm.
And I've GOT to finish rereading Religious Potential of the Child. It really is as good as I thought when I first read it ten years ago. So many good reminders for my next batch of little ones.

Have a great weekend and go check out Jen who wrote some very interesting things this week!

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