Wednesday, November 02, 2011

picture perfect

We're having real pictures taken of us today, sun permitting. In the spirit of extraordinary procrastination, these pictures are meant to be last years Christmas present to our extended families. Rather puts me in a bind as to what to give them this year, but never mind about that just now.

I think we're going to be photographed in the church. Its too cold to go outside into a lovely field or something. And we practically live in the church anyway. What more fitting environment could we find? (I ask both rhetorically, and for real information.)

I hate being photographed. Matt also really loathes having his picture taken for any reason. But the children love the presence of any camera. And they're all residually sugared up from the weekend. So, I expect we'll all have a real good time.

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Teacher Mommy said...

Well, you could always create lovely photo gifts using Shutterfly or the like. That way you can also use other photos from the year. Calendars are popular with grandparents...