Friday, October 28, 2011

a bunch of quick takes

A week ago I discovered that for Halloween, Elphine didn't want to be Lucy from Narnia in a school uniform (stupid idiot me, she is Lucy in a school uniform every day) she wanted to be Lucy in Narnia with the red cape and the white dress. So, a la the EU Bailout, I redirected some of my funds from one envelope into another and also hit her up for her birthday money thereby managing to procure (may the Almighty be blessed for inspiring Al Gore to invent the internets) a pinkish dress and a blue cape--not the right color, I realize, but satisfying none the less--both of which arrived today.
Everyone else is now complaining about what they're planning to be (Bat Man, Peter, a princess, an angry bee, a chili pepper) because it didn't arrive in two separate boxes this afternoon. Some of them carefully took note so I expect next October to be three times more complicated than this October was.
Halloween was never that difficult (how hard is it to walk around your own street hitting up people you barely know for candy) but even that tiny hurdle is lately removed. The church now does a 'trunk or treat' in the parking lot. We all fill our car trunks with candy and the neighborhood is invited to come and partake. AND we have games and hot drinks and other sweets. Last year was bitterly cold and we were over-sugared and weepy by the end. This year I hope it will be balmy and lovely, although, not being pregnant myself my tradition of going as Michelle Duggar is probably ruined.

So Wednesday I didn't even get out of bed. I lay there with 'blogger' open trying to download pictures and feeling so deeply unwell that I never actually got any picture of anything up. I instructed the children to "do school" and so it appears that they did, both legalistically and cheerfully. I heard them squabbling with each other about the order of everything and whether or not there should be a leader for the day and if Romulus and Gladys should be forced to read and do math (they didn't think so but Elphine authoritatively won the day). 
Funny thing is, I wasn't feeling top form on Tuesday but figured it was just too much sin in my life.  Never the less I "felt led" to bake two large trays of cinnamon rolls and a batch of regular buns. Now, you might question the Lord's leading in this manner, but this happens to me. And to other people. Thirty years ago, when I was a small filthy child pouring sand in my own hair and that of my friend in the wilds of Africa, my mother woke up very early one morning and "felt led" to make donuts. This she did for an entire day, kneading the dough, frying them in a large pan, thinking all the time, "Why on earth am I making donuts today?" At which point, as the haze of the afternoon was giving way to the cool of the evening, a whole car of strangers drove up in a cloud of dust and there she was, Ready with donuts! In my case the whole family has eaten of the providence of the Almighty while I lay back and pondered all these things in my heart.
Let's be honest, any day that I and Matt and the children don't throw up is a precious day, a day to be remembered in thanksgiving and joy.
Did anyone else notice the evil white snow yesterday?  SO UPSETTING! Honestly, where is this global climate change of which we hear so much? Isn't this place supposed to be drying up while the deserts turn into pools of water? Isn't that in the Bible somewhere? It can't already be winter. Our little calendar clearly says 'Fall' and Gladys is just this moment putting on a pretty pair of yellow sandals and a sun dress. We are not ready for this.
I need to arise and think about breakfast. All the cinnamon buns are gone and there's some talk circulating about fried eggs and sausage. I think my stomach might handle it. Also, Romulus says that his trousers are "completely gone". What a mystery. Elphine is blow drying her own hair wearing her Lucy school uniform and the blue cape and the fake dagger. Her fake English accent is already driving me up the wall. Alouicious is both whistling and whining, a bizarre carefree careworn approach to reality. The baby is looking into the eyes of my soul and opening her mouth wide. Gladys is wearing a large backpack filled with dollhouse furniture. I'm pretty sure she slept with it on. And Marigold is wearing a pair of Matt's shoes and trying to take a bottle out of the dishwasher. But its Friday!

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Anonymous said...

I miss terribly Halloween, as we had NOBODY come to our house last year. Takes all the fun out of it. :P


Anonymous said...

But when is the vial of Father' Christmas's precious cordial? I hope it comes in a third box... we might need some around here if the sword-carrying continues.

Anne Kennedy said...

I know! She's been fussing about for weeks. I don't have any pretty vials. A bottle of perfume? But I like all my perfumes and don't feel like having any of them smashed on the pavement when she accidentally flings it down.

Kat said...

I used to have a bubble container (plastic) that was a pretty shape that was worn on a silk-like cord around my neck. I've also seen some pretty bubble containers as wedding favors. Maybe someone has one stashed somewhere from a recent or upcoming wedding?

You should blog about these problems sooner, so that all of the internets can weigh in with suggestions. ;)

Anonymous said...

Do y'all have a Dollar Tree store near you? Their toy section is filled with interesting, imaginative low-tech toys such as magic tricks, bubble kits, and accessories for make-believe and dress-up. I would check there. You might find something you could use -- and for only a buck! I LOVE the Dollar Tree. :D

At A Hen's Pace said...

I love the Dollar Tree too. And all your word pictures, Ann. Those kids sound so inventive and full of life!