Friday, November 18, 2011

what! prayer? has it come to that?

Where have I been the last few days? Trying to put the house back together after this last painting trauma, doing school, generally spinning my wheels BUT ALSO helping to organized a Day of Prayer at the church.

Long ago we had a day of prayer right before we lost our law suit and building. Pastors from many kinds of churches came and preached and prayed with us and for us. It was so encouraging and wonderful to pray together in this way and for the community to come together with us. And then we lost everything, as it were, landing in this extremely pleasant and expanded situation. Through the move there was a small group that met, and of course we prayed like anything on Sundays and at Bible Studies and individually, but we also got busy moving in and arranging the furniture and adding daily to the number of faithful, those who were being saved.

But there has lately been a really wonderful rebirth of prayer at Good Shepherd and in the course of this new and wonderful thing, it became clear that we needed to pray more Right NOW!!!

So Saturday, from midnight to midnight, there will be people praying in the church continuously for a long list of needs. I've been running around filling in the slots, making lists, gathering resources and trying to keep on top of the stream of volunteers we've had. One day out and I only have one slot empty--5am. But there's a party tonight and I'm pretty sure I can sucker someone in who isn't really paying attention and who, in the delight of food and good company, will be foolish enough to think, "5am? Oh, I can do that."

See you tonight guys! I'll be there with my lists.


Anonymous said...

I am Roman Catholic and have followed your charming blog for a number of years.

I am struck by the sense of the similarity of your Day of Prayer to Perpetual Adoration. I belong to a group that prays in a chapel24/7 and has done so for the last 30 years.

Yes there are times that are just very hard to schedule, but it is sometimes amazing who will volunteer. It is such a gift to be able to talk with our Lord in the early hours of the morning ... in the stillness ... in the quiet. Sometimes when one is most exhausted, one is most open to hear.


Fr. J said...

Is there any way that those of us in other parts of the country who want to support you might participate?