Tuesday, November 29, 2011

lilies of the valley

There ought to be a law against any change in routine ever. Nobody knows what to do on this ordinary regular morning because of all the previous days of partying. And I also seem less able to grope my way towards sanity than I was a week ago.

And there's only like three weeks until it all gets messed up again. Its fine for Jesus to say, "don't worry about tomorrow" but I don't think he was accounting for the insanity of Thanksgiving through Christmas. Well, I mean, obviously he was accounting for it, in some spiritual way. But there ought to be some kind of scriptural dispensation allowing certain kinds of people (like me) to freak out for this period without falling into sin. Who's with me?

On that note, we will go do something sensible and calm, like math, and try our very best to push the encroaching madness off to at least another portion of the day. Happy Advent!


Sarah Boyle Webber said...

I am so with you! I hate change and I love routine and there is no routine in my life right now. It's making me crazy!

Marshall's surgery is tomorrow, if his doctor's office gets their paperwork in order. But this last week of him constantly underfoot and needy has made me nuts. Both of us hate the fact he can't care for himself. Ugh. And all I want to do is whine!

I'll go do something useful now.

Jessica Snell said...

"There ought to be a law against any change in routine ever."

Yes. This.