Friday, November 11, 2011

7 quick takes

Marigold is learning to appropriately use the lou. I'm trying to elevate the overall tone of the process by not using the word "potty" which just doesn't make me want to get up in the morning.
"Will Aunty feel better after she's been the to the telephone?" I say.
And then Marigold shouts "Potty! Chocolate! More!"
Delicacy aside, I am surprised and delighted that we're taking this important step.
The baby is standing very steadily on her own looks to be perhaps trying to take steps in the next few weeks. Imagine, a toddler who won't talk, a baby who can't, everybody walking and running around in circles pulling civilization to bits. It will be like my own tiny Zuccoti Park. I am the 1%.
After two solid months of school I finally made out individual laminated lists for each child with everything they need to do in the course of a day. I'd always intended to do this, but in the past I've always rushed in too quickly and made the wrong kind of list in the wrong order. This time I waited and waited until we seemed to settle into an order on our own before making the cards--a real mark of wisdom and maturity I think. Of course, I left a whole subject off, so everyone has to write it on the card at the beginning of the day and then it inevitably gets rubbed off before anyone gets to it.
I'm terribly worried of falling into pride, so pretend this is whispered in your ear:
I got to the end of my laundry.
I know! It took two and a half years. But wow.
All the glory, of course, goes to Jesus, who I pray will not smite me with anybody throwing up for at least a week so I can bask in the glow of what the parousia must feel like.
Speaking of parousia, a young lady with three small children died yesterday. I didn't really know her but I have friends who did. She was in car accident and fought very hard for life over a few weeks. Her youngest is a baby boy who shares the name of one of my boys. I realized, as I mourned and grieved for her family, two things. One, I don't really trust God for my children. I mean, I do intellectually, but I don't think I act that way very often. And Two, everybody said, "she went to be with her Lord" instead of "she passed away". Its alright, ultimately, if you're going somewhere to be with someone you've wanted to be with all this time. Its not alright, ultimately, if you "pass" "away"! Where is away? Nobody wants to go away!
Matt and I are going out to lunch this afternoon because some wonderful amazing friends are coming to be with the kids of their own volition and will.
"We really like your kids" she said, "we miss them."
"Really?" I riposted in total unbelief. I know they can be nice individually, but a whole pack of kids can be overwhelming.
Gladys and Elphine are taking showers every day now and then devoutly and laboriously drying their own hair. After which they don necklaces and bracelets and ribbons. The boys, on the other hand, have to be forced into putting on new clothes at all if ever. Right now, I think I'm on the side of the boys.

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Sarah Boyle Webber said...

My dear, you keep mentioning the toddler who isn't talking yet. I know I'm hardly in any position to make recommendations since I've never met the child, but Miranda's problems first showed up as a speech delay. Early Intervention does their evaluations at no cost. Perhaps you might think about calling them. With two classified children of my own, I am a bit trigger happy, but I would hate for you to miss out a key time to help her, if she needs the help. Here's the contact information you might need:

Carrie said...

Remember it's restaurant week! I took advantage and finally went to sake-tumi.

Juliana said...

I wonder if you know my uncle and aunt and their kids--they've been in Mali for the last 25 years, and their kids went to boarding school in Ivory Coast--ICA, I think. (Vanderaa is the last name and they are with CRWM).

Small world, eh?

Anne Kennedy said...

Thanks for the link Sarah. She is on the low end of normal. I've had two very early talkers and two very late ones. Its kind of like reading, they all seem to do it at totally different moments developmentally.

And YES, Juliana, I do know your aunt and uncle and their children--for a couple of generations. Mr. Vanderaa went to school with my dad in Nigeria. I hope they are very well. It makes me so homesick just to think about them. AND, we just started learning one of my most favorite songs that they used to sing together as a family in our school chapel--The Law of the Lord is Perfect. Did you find my blog through Jen? It is a very small world.

Sarah Boyle Webber said...

If you're not worried, I won't be either. :)