Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm going to dye

Because we're a little bit stupid, we painted another room yesterday instead of sitting around lazily as is we Should have done because the next two weeks are horribly horribly unrelentingly busy.

And the painting, which turned out beautifully, means that I HAVE to dye my curtains
1. because they are now very much the wrong color and
2. because I am too cheep to buy new ones.

They're raw silk. Somebody, PLEASE, advise me.

Also, Why Oh Why didn't we paint the whole house Before we began this long and delicate process of Marigold learning to go the lou? Gladys had been our easiest so far but I think Marigold is even easier. Why are those children with the worse personalities the best at this? and those that are nicest terrible at it? Is there some kind of correlation? Anyway, because she So Gets It, she constantly needed to be running past the paint, screaming and shouting. And then we discovered that we did need a second gallon which Matt unhappily went all the way back out to get, only to come back with a can that was a vaguely different color. After painting nearly a whole wall with it I, I'm very sorry to say, manipulated him into going back out a third time by opening my eyes very wide and saying innocently, "is it closed? Its only 6:30." He came home with a third color which was a little better than the second but not as perfect as the first. We had to cover all over the beautiful first color AND I had to apologize a whole lot for being picky and stupid about paint colors the difference of which one could barely notice.

Also, I'm still deeply troubled by the fact that we have no blog name for Baby. Maybe Dorcus? So many people have pointed out that Biblical names are nice, with a slight rise of the eyebrow, as if to say "what's wrong with you pagans that you can't give your children good biblical names?"

And now, I will arise and go to cook breakfast because Alouicious is certain to perish if he doesn't eat porridge RIGHT NOW!


Anonymous said...

Anne, As an inveterate dyer, when dealing with a new fabric, I always call my friendly neighborhood drycleaner to ask whether the fabric in question will take the dye. Barring that- do you have something in the same fabric? try it first. Or-live dangerously and just do it! (as Nancy says!)
And what about Hermione?(for baby)

Kat said...

In E Nesbit's Psammead series, the baby is referred to as "The Lamb" and I always thought that would be fitting for yours.

Or in honor of your household's Narnia obsession, you could call her Aravis, from The Horse and His Boy.

R said...

Ooh, Raw silk should take a dye really really well. :D
My mom's advice is to go to Dharma Trading Company and buy the special wash to use on them before you dye them. They also sell very good dye (we use them frequently) and they will send directions with the dye, and they answer questions if you write to them. Worst case scenario the curtains do not take the dye evenly as a result of wear/handprints etc., which is why the pre-wash from Dharma is vital! http://www.dharmatrading.com/ Of course I have to know what colour they are, & what colour you want them to be! Kass just (in the last few months) got some brilliant red silk curtains 2nd hand on ebay & I love them lots & lots. :D


Kelso said...

When my neighbor's family welcomed the first baby girl in 80 years, I tried to be helpful and suggest names:

1. Equestrian
2. Cyclotron
3. Cadillac
4. Sassafras

Oddly, they chose to call her Caroline. (Sigh)

Kate said...

It isn't at all biblical - in fact it is Hindu - but a friend of the family when we were growing up was Dharma (if you want a "D" name). I always thought it was an amazingly cool name.

If you can go with any letter, I am partial to either Agricola (my sister's confirmation name - long story). Ethelberta has a nice ring to it too.