Monday, November 21, 2011

mawage. its what bwings us togethah today

I posted this
Nothing says "marital bliss" like trying to talk about money while you're both actually surfing the internet.
earlier in the day on facebook. The only use I generally aim to confer on facebook is sarcasm without bitterness, but I was So Tired this morning that I forsake both sarcasm and bitterness and posted something I really meant. Maybe it was the scare quotes around marital bliss that threw Matt off, causing him to say, "I don't think that was very nice".
But Really. We both hate coping with money. Its really nice sitting each with our own computer distracting ourselves as we cobble a budget into some kind of conciliarly agreed upon direction. How rotten if we had an actual focused meeting where we sat down and did only that. 
While we were budgeting I read this(heartbreaking), and this (helpful) and this (hysterical) and this and this.
Of course, we had to add it up three of four times because we, or rather I, got different numbers every time. But eventually it was twice the same thing. And the long morning bore the fruit of having enough to wander through the aisles of Wegmans buying fancy things for Thanksgiving dinner. Elphine, being too old to go in the play place, is turning out to be better company than I imagined. I do confess, I dreaded the time of having to shop with her for at least 6 months before she turned 9. Today she pushed a second cart through the chaos (I'm pretty sure the entire city of Binghamton was in Wegmans this afternoon) and weighed vegetables and she can't whistle, Bless the Lord, so there we are.
But the true moment of bliss, not only of today but of the last two weeks at least, was catching Matt's eye at the end of the cereal aisle as he took a package of hotdogs out of the mouth of Marigold and adjusted the hat of the baby so that she would fail at trying to hang herself and mouthing to him, "We don't have to make stuffing this year, do we?" and him mouthing back, "Oh absolutely."
I long for nothing else in this life. To be that unified in purpose, mission, heart, mind and soul, Well, I defy you to show me something more blissful. And I'm NOT being sarcastic. The sarcasm will be back another day, maybe, but don't count on it.


Kathy Rooney said...

Wegmans! You are inciting me to envy. We don't have them here in the Albany area and I still miss them -used to live in Syracuse. From what I hear, they will never come to our area. When I visit friends in Syracuse it is one of the places I always go.

R said...

Hah! I forgot about Thanksgiving. -_- Now what do I do? Nobody sells turkey here until Christmas! Okay, could probably find one somewhere. Have to say I miss y'all's cooking. ;)