Friday, February 20, 2009

Seven Quick Takes, but not really

I'm in no way organized enough to actually do Jen's 7 quick takes and get in on all the linking, but I thought I'd do it anyway.

Romulus moved into the 'big boy' bottom bunk, and Aloisius moved into the 'big boy' top bunk and I got ALL the boxes empty and out of their room. They're so cute, with all their bears, grinning sheepishly. I'm practically suckered into having more of them. On one hand, four seems like So Many, and on the other hand, it doesn't seem like quite enough. Hmmm.
Gladys has a horrible cold and fever. I've been holding her all day. The brief moment I put her down, Romulus grabbed her hand, thrust his plastic sword into the air and said 'MY GLADYS'. Later he pointed his sword at Aloisius and said, 'MY MOMMY'. Even later he shouted at his own father and said 'MY WOMAN'. Arguments ensued each time.
Starting seriously to do school again after such a long break and so much chaos is really tough. The insane playing that seems to go on every day, the mad crazy high pitched manner in which my children engage to play with each other is very hard to tamp down and gather into focus. Plus they are So Wiggly which drives me crazy. However, we're starting to get back into the groove. A little more each day. Inch by inch. Blend by blend.
I really miss my (or rather, my mother's) cat and pray for him all day long.
I also wish One of our mothers would come visit us. Because then, I'm pretty sure, everything will fall into place and it will feel totally like home.
Doing the bulletin, in this very comfortable and cozy office, copier at my side, children sprawled all over the floor, thimbleful of wine in hand, makes me feel, frankly, euphoric.
Matt is going to make brusslesprouts this weekend. Nothing more needs to be said.

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