Friday, February 27, 2009

Odds and Ends

A note of clarification
It occurred to me, after several days, that I ought to add a point of clarification to the second point of this post. Particularly, I wanted to clarify that I don't indulge in this vice in front of my children, indeed, I believe many of you were surprised that I might indulge in it at all. No, profanity is something I've coddled away to those quiet hours of the night, when, a cat on each side, a large cup of hot milk in hand, a novel on the cover before me, and a husband with an open ear, I say, rather easily, what I really think. The trouble is, its been too easy, in light of our current circumstances, and I feel that my command of the English language is diminishing and that I need to be more creative.

Hearty Lenten Pasta
cabbage, broccoli, onion, garlic, all in a pan with butter until melting and delicious, then add feta, cream and whole grain penne, cooked perfectly. Delicious.

A Compliment
Aloicious gazing at me lovingly from behind his milk, "Mommy, when you come get me from Tachees, and you get out of the car and smile, you look really nice."


Joyce Carlson said...

This is your mother speaking. I'm shocked. Simply shocked. You have from time to time indulged in strong language? May God help you to become fully the person I always expected you to be even in the quiet of the night.
Of course, ME, I've decided to give up anger for Lent. It won't be easy. But I guess I've gotta start somewhere, sometime.
Your father is unjustifiably skeptical about my resolution to become a kinder, gentler person. So like him to raise one eyebrow and look dubious.
Big smile to you from ME

Anonymous said...

I understand *exactly* what you're feeling! I used to work with an organ-builder who used somewhat "creative" language at times, much to my embarrassment, such as when one of the Altar Guild walked through and asked with a perfectly straight face: "Is that ________" cussing again? Unfortunately, I am just as guilty on occasion... I'm working on expanding my use of the "better parts" of Mr. Webster's tome.

Regards - OttoP3

r said...

Hehe! That's so great. Aloicious will be quite popular with the girls when older. Look out, girls!


Jessica said...

ummmmm . . . I must try that pasta. Firstly: PASTA. Then, cabbage and feta in the same dish? Mmmmmmm.

Geri said...

Do you mind posting the amounts for the vegetables and feta? It sounds delicious. I would never have considered cabbage and feta together.