Thursday, February 19, 2009

Uncommonly Cold, Uncommonly Tired

Due to Elphine being wonderful and having her picture on tv (which, unfortunately, seems not to be posted, boo), we visited the Discovery Center (Children's Museum) today with friends, and the rest of the town of Binghamton as well it seemed. A hyper pitched insanely wild good time was had by all. Its as if my chidlren never go anywhere and see no one (which is not true) they were so ecstatic. We had a long discussion about a 'thankful response' versus a 'whiney when can we go again' when it was all over.

Now I'm crashing into bed because they actually completely wore me out. Oh, and my blankity blank camera had some kind of 'issue' and refused to work, Even Though I had remembered to take it. So there are no pictures. You'll just have to imagine the fever pitch for yourselves.

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