Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week In Review

As so many of you have pointed out, I've been seriously not blogging. BUT I have been working very hard on my house. I have emptied out most all the cupboards, continuing to throw and throw and throw and reorganize. I have two rooms left to do. I've been working over my calendar and to do list trying to hammer life down, as best I can. I've been on the phone nearly all the time (not something I'm very good at). I've moved Matt out of his office and helped make him a new one. I've painted his old office and made it into a school room. And, I've colored with E and discussed the nature, purpose and being of the Tooth Fairy.

Its true, she has lost her first tooth. I wasn't prepared. None of my life up to this point has prepared me for this moment. Not only do I not know the Size of the Tooth Fairy (is she very tiny? how does she carry all those teeth? why does she collect teeth? what does she do with them?), I did not know the going rate on teeth, nor how to extract a tooth from the tight fist of a sleeping baby girl who refuses any longer to call me 'mommy', instead tipping her chin up and saying 'Mom' with an unnecessary tone of authority. And I don't know how to cope with the fact that she is 6 years old and she's only going to get bigger and more beautiful, and I am only going to get smaller and more shrivelly. (By smaller, I mean shorter, I will probably continue to get wider.) I couldn't go to sleep several nights this week worrying about where she would decide to go to college.

And, tomorrow is my birthday. As a present to myself, I'm going to lay around in the morning with my kids and then probably make them pancakes. May God preserve me through this next year.


Kerry said...

Well, Happy Birthday! I'm an August 26th baby - not far behind you...although maybe in years I'm ahead? I'll be 38 next Tuesday...yikes. My kids tell me that is awfully old. :) The grey hair certainly doesn't help.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you! And don't worry too much about college - you do your very best to teach them right from wrong and how to learn, yet in the end it comes down to what colleges will have them, in reality, which may or may not give them a (narrow) range of choice.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Happy Birthday, and many happy returns of the Tooth Fairy!



ottorinophc said...

a quarter is a good rate. plus, it looks big.

Anonymous said...

The first tooth is a dollar (or maybe two) - all teeth after are less! And the tooth fairy takes the teeth to build her castle.

Anonymous said...

The Tooth Fairy was created for people who don't believe in Jesus, as a way to explain unexplainable loss and new birth (permanent teeth).

Don't spread those lies to your kids about the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus (but do teach them about St. Nicholas).

Be generous and inspirational. Leave a dollar a tooth and encourage and inspire generosity with it. Tell her that's what the love of Jesus is all about.

And, happy birthday. May you come to know that age is just a number on a page and not the state of your heart and soul - or, if you are wise in diet and exercise, your body.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, I grew up believing in Santa, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny and the return of King Arthur and it didn't do any fact it was fun and did a lot for my imagination. Lighten up a bit.