Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm so young

Matt: How old do you think Mommy is today?
A: Open a Present! Open a Present!
Matt: How old do you think Mommy is today?
E: Three months, No! Sixteen.
Anne: Thank you. That's a lovely thing to say.
E: No, seventeen.
Anne: Still, that's very generous.
Matt: No, Mommy s 32.
A: That's Really Old.
Matt: I know.


Casey in Western Kansas said...

Happy Birthday, to someone who shares the same birth date as me, but is luckily a couple of years matter how terribly old your kids think you are :-)

Joyce Carlson said...

Happy Birthday from ME. You're not old. I'M old. And I need a bath. We're just now back from the Maasai initiation ceremony in Amboseli (once every 15 years) that we went to. We're tired, completely dirty after 3 days in the bush, and seriously regretting the moment when we opened the car door to get a better picture of a Mama Elephant and her baby helping themselves to a sumptuous dinner of water hyacinth in a swamp. It must have been there that the car keys fell out of the ignition and disappeared. And being the stupid car it is, it can still run when there aren't keys in the ignition, so we never noticed until 50 kms. later. Too dark, too late to go back. So we made sure not to turn the car off and made it to a point where we could phone for the other set of keys to come by bus to where we were by morning. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and try not to do as I do. But we have some great pictures! ME

Joyce Carlson said...

What I meant to say is, we made sure not to kill the engine, and overnight we unplugged the battery so it wouldn't drain. So when the keys arrived next morning, the engine started right now. Now the question is, WHERE to get a bunch of keys -- ignition, gas tank, boot, and key for the gear shift lock. I tell you, life is never easy. And the other thing that became supremely annoying was spending two hours in a traffic jam on the Uhuru/Mombasa Roundabout in Nairobi, while two lanes of traffic transmorgrified into four. It happens every day between 4 and 6 p.m. and we were crazy to try going home that way. Happy Birthday to YOU!! ME

Anonymous said...

Watch over thy child, O Lord, as her days increase; bless and guide her wherever she may be. Strengthen her when she stands; comfort her when discouraged or sorrowful; raise her up if she fall; and in her heart may thy peach which passeth understanding abide all the days of her life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Carol said...

Dear Anne,
Happy Birthday. How very glad we are that you were born.
Today is our 38th wedding anniversay, so don't feel too old. The best is yet to come.
Carol and Clark Smith

Jill C. said...

Yes, you are young Anne. However, when I was your age I had a son turning 13 later in the year. Imagine that! ;) (And a nine-year old as well.)

Steve and I just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary on Wednesday. The years fly, let me tell you! (I'm sure you've never heard that before.)

Hope you had a blessed birthday week!

Kerry said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just tell my kids that when they reach my age I will remind them that they thought I was awfully old. Heh.