Monday, August 25, 2008

A Harvest

E is collecting apples for an apple pie. The neighbor's tree hangs over into our yard and is well laden with green apples turning slowly red. But you have to climb into the middle of a large bush to access the branches. E has spent all day in the middle of the bush, nearly to the top, picking and picking. She brings the apples in and lines them up along the counter, counting them each time. Now she says there are one hundred and one apples on the counter.

Later we are going to sew. The church, in an alarming and graceful fit of generosity gave me a fine new Brother Sewing Machine (XL5500) and some cash to go with it. And there was cake (a large portion of which we brought home) and a song. So thrilling (Thank You!!!!). I came home from church and fussed with the machine for a long while, trying to get it to sew. By nine o'clock I had whipped out the skeletons of Two Tea Cozies and organized spools and pins and scraps into various boxes. I need to go find stuffing for the cozies. I'm thinking about ripping up a pillow, rather than going to the store. I have too many pillows anyway. Its very hard to sit on this money and not rush out and fling it to the far winds on fancy shiny material and pretty thread. But I think it would be better if I knew what I wanted to make first, and if I could make it, and then go buy the material. We shall see how my will holds up.

This has been an historically lucrative birthday. Besides all the apples and the sewing machine I am in the possession of a large blackberry pie (well, I was in the possession of), a creamy single pearl on a delicate chain, a pair of embroidered and healed mosque shoes and a vast array of new clothes that make me look extraordinarily thin. Its a real shame all the festivities have come to a close. And the Olympics are over. Matt mentioned that the Democratic Convention is leaping in to take its place, but I'm pretty sure it will not fill the Olympic Void. I suppose instead I will have to go to bed early, from now on, and get enough rest, and do a reasonable amount of work every day, rather than groping around in a stupor.


Anonymous said...

An outstanding book to read with the kids as you prepare to make the apple pie is "How to Bake and Apple Pie and See the World". My kids loved it so much that we had to go buy it (we had checked it out from the library). It is such fun. Glad you enjoyed your birthday...and no, the Dem. Convention definitely does not fill the Olympic void...I did end up going to bed early for that reason! :o)

Kerry said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday!

The Olympics have definitely put a crimp in my sleeping, too. As much as I hate their ending, it will be good to be able to go to sleep before 1am. Even when I'm recording it I can't bear to turn it off! *sigh*

My birthday has started off with a lovely warm rain and a GOOD cup of coffee. It promises to rain all day, and I'm actually going to enjoy it. I think I'll finally finish my book, Gilead.

Geri said...

Glad your birthday was so nice. I know you will enjoy your new machine. I have a Brother and I like it. Have you started on your women's ordination essay yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Your birthday came and went dear Annie and without a word of "HELLO" or "Congratulations on turning 32" from Bo and me!

So here it is "Happy Birthday to you, Happy being 32, Happy Everday and Everything, You are a most amazing human being!"

Do you like my little song for you?

Much love,
Nancy (and Bo too)

Jill C. said...

No, there is no way that the donkey circus can take the place of the Olympics on TV. Time for catching up on sleep, methinks!

Happy sewing, Anne! :)

ottorinophc said...

ife and i need some pillows!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne - A belated Happy Birthday! Before you go ripping a pillow apart, could I make a proposal? I have some wool from our sheep that has been cleaned and processed that makes for a wonderful, insulating tea cozy filling. I made one a few years ago and it works so much better than the synthetic fillers. If you can wait until after Labor Day I would be happy to mail you some. I'll send along enough for a few extra cozies too. If you are interested, can you just post a comment here and I'll check for your reply when we return after the weekend.


Nancy McCall

Anne Kennedy said...

Nancy, I'd love some!! That would be lovely. Oh how exciting.

Anonymous said...

Anne: Could you please email me through SF (or I should say email Mark since I'm not registered) to let me know the address to which I should send the wool. I'm delighted you can use it and that you're a "real" tea drinker, cozy and all.

Nancy McCall