Thursday, August 07, 2008

Temptation to Blog

I am eschewing it BECAUSE all four children have mercifully been taken away to pick blackberries and I have two Or three hours to do a whole lot of work. However, for all those of you who have emailed or left interesting and questioning comments I have Not forgotten you and I will be getting through my email box. And I am half way through writing my Call Whatchamacallit (I need some kind of title) and will spend some more time on it today. So it is coming, I promise.
I'm sure, when all the children are home and after I have made a delicious blueberry pie, I will have Plenty of time to blog. Ha


Jill C. said...

And how, pray tell, are you going to make a blueberry pie out of blackberries? ;) Share that recipe with us, eh?

Anne Kennedy said...

Ha Ha. Well, of course, Jesus was planning to perform a miracle and he did because the kiddos brought blueberries home and then I made a cobbler out of them instead of a pie. What a confused person I am.