Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Sermon is Coming! A Sermon is Coming!

That's what I keep telling myself. Its almost all there. I'm just missing one final pull it all together link. So I'm going to go call my kitties inside (remind me to BLOG about my kitties later because, boy, do I have plenty to say on that subject), make Matt's coffee for the morning and go to bed.

I would have finished this special little sermon Earlier in the day, however, I drove our car to Rhinebeck, NY pulled it carefully into the middle of a major highway trying to do a U Turn, found that the Reverse Option had failed utterly, panicked as oncoming traffic approached and drove it carefully and agonizingly partway into a ditch so that one whole wheel was spinning breezefully in the air.

Fortunately, or rather, Providentially, several very kind and enthusiastic red blooded American men rallied around, first trying to push the car out, then calling police and tow trucks and so forth. And the lovely and much missed people I had gone to see came and rescued me. I had a very good and pleasant day after all, enjoying myself far too much so that now I still need to focus on that sermon.

At some point we will probably have to go recover the car, though we'd much rather pretend that it doesn't exist any more, or perhaps give it as a special "gift" to the poor unsuspecting Auto Repair Place at which it now resides. Perhaps we could even give them some money or a cake to accept this "gift".

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