Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Conversations

On reviewing our knowledge of the Ten Commandments.
Matt: What's the shema?
Emma: The Lord your God, the Lord is....
Matt: yes?
Emma: Special. The Lord is special.

On the Way to the Church Picnic.
Anne: Did you remember your sermon?
Matt: I think so.
Emma: Are we there yet?
Anne: Yes, Emma, we're there. Are you having a good time running around?
Emma: Heh.
Aedan: I'm going to kill the bad guys with a sword.
Emma: or a gun.
Aedan: or a gun. I'm going to kill them and save the birds.
Matt: What birds?
Aedan: The black birds. I'm going to save them with my sword.
Emma: And the robbins eggs.
Aedan: Yeah, I'm going to save them.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anne,
I've realised I forgot to call y'all yesterday ... I'd call now, but I don't think it would be appreciated much. ;) I'll miss you.

So now I'm off to find something suitably fluffy to wear so I have enough confidence to get on the plane (and the bus before that).


Judith L said...

I just love Emma's "the Lord is special". I recently spent some quality time at a Hallmark store, trying to find a Father's Day card and an anniversary card that did not contain the word "special". It wasn't easy.