Wednesday, June 06, 2007


It looks very much like baby number four is a....Girl!
Which makes things very symetrical. I think this is God's special grace to us. Matt and I are always striving for symmetry, mostly spacially, but in many other ways as well.

In a fit of passion, early in our engagement Matt said, "that's why I fell in love with you."
"What? Why did you fall in love with me?"
"Because your face is so symmetrical."
I'm sure there are other reasons, but that one seems to come up more often. So, for the time being, things remain symetrically balanced, and we are completely delighted.


Rev Dr Mom said...


There are some psychological studies that show that people tend to gaze longer at faces that are more there you go!

Carrie said...

I happy for you! I am a little disappointed for me -- coming up with awful names for your potential boy child was good sport.

Anonymous said...

HOORAY! Another little girl to love. Take care of yourself. Love, Nancy