Saturday, February 24, 2007

view from the hall

So I really did not mean to take a whole week off posting. But I've been in class the last few days and of course, when I arrived, I was not able to get online in my room (still am not). So I surf quietly during class, and do email, and skype, and today am finally and quietly trying to post. Not that I have amazing things to say. For those of you who don't know, I'm getting a second MA from Aquinas Institute of Theology in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Aquinas, as you would know from its name, is Catholic and fairly liberally so. I'm in the middle of Intro to Theology with a plain closed Dominican nun. So far we've covered feminism, liberationism, fundamentalism and a couple of other isms. There's also been some nice digs about protestantism and the reformation. But what most sticks in my mind at this point is the stretching of the Immaculate Conception to undermine and erode away at the doctrine of original sin. I did not quite understand what she was talking about and need to dig around to find out. If you have heard to this please jump and let me know. Oh, break, good, I'm starving.


Anonymous said...

This (Immaculate Conception) was a topic of debate on another blog early last week, but that doesn't mean I can help clear it up for you. Kass was taking part, but gave up in the end under the onslaught of a slightly irrational Catholic.

I'm not sure why the Virgin Mary is such a hot topic all of a sudden . . . you're the third unrelated person to bring it up recently.


Christie said...

You could go to the EWTN website and get information on the Virgin Mary.

I didn't realize you could get a MA in Catechesis. Is Catherine Maresca doing any of the teaching? It was after the first part of level 3 with her that I decided I couldn't go any further--just 2 more weeks and I would have had it all.

It will be exciting to hear more of what you are learning. I do hope at some point we will be able to talk about Catechesis. If you have the 2nd Level materials manual, Camille Steege from St. James (formerly St. Joseph's of Buena Park)did a lot of the work on it.

Anne Kennedy said...

It's sort of an MA in Catechesis--its really an MA of Pastoral Studies (which I think is a downgrade from an actual MA) with a concentration in Catechesis, which means that we won't be doing any classes in CGS but will get credit for three levels of album pages--we have to write all our own pages and will then have been checked again but someone with an MA (I think that's how it works). So we don't get to take any classes from actual Catechests, just the faculty of Aquinas Institute of Theology.

I do have the level two album. I'm slowly working my way through it. But I'd like to talk to Camille Steege if that's the case. I'm not particularly practical minded and making all these materials is turning out to be a big challenge.

I haven't started Level Three yet. I'm still trying to find space for a third atrium. What made you stop? From what I hear, doing level three makes you want to go back and do one and two again.

Christie said...

I quit on level three because I just felt that Catherine Maresca was too liberal for me. It was a mistake. My co laborer finished it. We bought most of the level 3 materials, but it looks as if neither of us will ever be able to use them.

I have a number of Level 2 and 3 presentation scripts on the computer. We taped the presentations and then typed them up. We also have the tapes. Let me know if you are interested in seeing some of them. I could email them to you.

At Emmanuel, we ended up buying a number of the items as neither of us at the time were crafty.

If you email me, I will put you into contact with Camille. I know she is finishing a Greek class on March 10th so it wouldn't be until after that. My email is

You may not have seen it, but Brad Drell said they use to have Catechesis and J2A, but their whole Sunday School program was dropped in Janary. How sad.

esperanza said...

If you can, please forward the presentations to me. I am studying CGS, but I find broader understanding reading other people's pages. Thank you.

Anne Kennedy said...

Which presentations are you looking for? I haven't written all my pages for level two and I haven't taken level three yet, so I'm not sure how much help I can be.

esperanza said...

Like water from different wells, each album has different balance of minerals and flavors. It's interesting.
The ten bridesmaids interests me. I get that we are to live in constant preparedness for the coming, but the five bridesmaids refusal to share bothers me. People fell dead in the new church (Acts) for not sharing. Loving one another in other instances means sharing. What do you see?

Catherine said...

Hi. I have worked with the Catechesis for about 15 years now and took Level 3 with Catherine in DC. I recently moved to eastern NC where no one else does it and am about to start the process of certification as a Level 1 trainer. I have LOTS of album pages for all 3 levels! Much is hand-written though. Would enjoy looking in on CGS conversations. I'm an episcopalian and not into the immaculate conception. The virgin birth is plenty of a challenge for my congregation. Catherine

angelina said...

I am wondering if anyone would be interested in starting a blog/webpage for sharing album pages. It would be tremendously helpful for me, as I'm sure it would be for many others. It is always great, I think, to compare album pages, and get new ideas of how to do some of the presentations. If anyone would be interested in this, please email me!

Jessica said...

Browsing blogs today for posts of those doing CGS too - and came across this post (I know it's old).

Reading the comments I had some thoughts:

Bridesmaids: it's about the reality that you can't share your faith. The oil is the grace that God gave you - where do you get this oil? From reading the Bible, attending Mass, studying one's faith, prayer --- I can show others how to do these things, but each individual has to make that choice for himself (go purchase his own oil). If that aspect didn't come out in the presentation in training, then I would question the training (and there are some formation courses that could use some improvement). Jesus said these words, and if it leaves an adult "bothered", the same presentation would not have been suitable for a child.
(I am a level 1 formation leader, upcoming to be a level 2 formation leader, adding level 3 soon after that - just to put my comment into perspective)

I empathize with the person who had to leave level 3 formation. I happened to have two LOVELY Episcopal formation leaders for level 3 - I feel they did a fantastic job and better than many Catholics I know in leadership positions.

I thought about going for the MA at AIT - I am so glad I veered away. There is only so much liberalism I can take before my mouth starts taking me places that it shouldn't - if I could handle telling the Truth with some humility, I'd be more apt to take on those types of conversations. I am much more likely to make a biting snide remark about checking one's theology and walking out - to avoid conflict, but at least plant a seed that God might be bigger than these underminings....

God bless!