Monday, February 19, 2007

A closing thought

We had more than a small blessing today--besides the communique which was far and away better than I imagined. Our neighbors came by this morning and asked if they could take our two oldest (not that old--4 and 2) out for a 'fun thing' and to lunch. Then they came back in the afternoon and played hide and seek, mother may I, and Simone says until it was time to go to bed. Otherwise I would have felt really neglectful--unable to tear myself away from SF but feeling guilty about it. So really, God is provident and good, both in the small and the great and so I will go to bed tonight really praying for the converted salvation of KJS, who has harder days before her than she has probably ever hoped for or imagined.

More in clarity and hope tomorrow. This is the first night in a whole week that we get to go to bed before 2 in the morning. Greg, Kendall, Sarah, if you call now, I won't be responsible for the fall out!


Andy said...

Rev. Kennedy:

I have visited your church's website and am quite taken with the NT in 40. I am going to try and do it. I hope I can stick with it. Heaven forbid I should miss a basketball game or two!

I would like to share it with my 2 older kids (10.6 and 8.9 - she'll be 9 on March 19) but I really think it is a bit much for them. I can usually get an OT and an NT chapter per night with them, no more. The younger 2 (4.7 and 1.9 - sorry for the metrics but it is fairly descriptive, don't you think?) really do not tolerate anything but the brief Lenten readings and stickers our parish distributes.

Blessings to you and you family.

Andy W.

Anne Kennedy said...

I know what you mean about toleration. Matt wanted us to do this as a family and was suprised to find that the 4.2 year old and 2.9 year old child were unable to cope with that much scripture at once. But some day he'll get his way, maybe when they're all grown up. It is quite a commitment. I've already faltered and am trying to catch up.

Andy said...

I started last night and only nodded off once (but not during the red ink). I think I will enjoy it immensely.

It has the added benefit of making my wife REALLY suspicious. ("Hmmmm. I wonder why he is huddled in the corner with the Bible for so long. Is he looking for loopholes?")

Blessings in your Lent, Andy