Thursday, February 08, 2007


So I might have mentioned that we have three cats and a dog. The dog, Maggie, belongs to Matt and fortunately sleeps on the floor. She resents me, having been the love of Matt's life before I came along.

The first cat belongs to me. She is very very fat and doesn't have any claws. She sleeps by my head under the covers spread out the long way so that I am squished and uncomfortable all night, trying to accommodate her, Matt and sometimes the baby.

Then E has a cat named Frances--a beautiful black and white long haired kitty who was called Hitler before we got her. We didn't know why she was called Hitler. We thought it was because of her markings--she looks a little like him and there's a certain quality in her eyes that has caused Matt to remark, at least once a day, 'Francis thinks about Murder all the time'. And she's beginning to be pushy. Matt brings me tea in the morning, about 6 am, and he has to bring a large pitcher of milk and a saucer because Frances has to immediately have milk poured out or she will knock the pitcher over. This makes me unhappy because by rights my cat should have her milk first, being older and fatter. But without claws she is unable to secure her rights.

Then we have my mother's cat, Banderleigh (her spelling), all black, silky long hair. I gave him to my mother for her birthday, in hopes that he would go to Nairobi and live a happy and interesting life. However, terrorism and air travel being what it is, he lives with us and waits day and night for his beloved to return. In the meantime he is our only lap cat and is desperately jealous of the baby. If you hold the baby, you have also hold Bander, preferably next to your face, under your chin.

Why do I bring this all up?
Because last night ALL THREE CATS SLEPT ON MY BED. I have slowly let Bander join us as long as he doesn't disturb my cat. So last night, he came and slept on my back. I managed to look up, in a moment of wakefulness and saw black. But when I managed to really get a good look, I saw Frances glaring at me from my feet. So that's three, three cats. One mushed into my pillow, one on my back and another on my feet. My only thought is that it is very cold. Or maybe they are lying in wait for my destruction. I don't know. I didn't sleep very well. And every part of me hurts now, from having slept so strangely.


R said...

This post made me laugh! Our three cats forced me to upgrade to a twin bed several years ago . . . I used to sleep on an antique 'hired hand' bed, which was about half as wide as a twin (you don't want the help to get too cozy, now). As time went by, I found that I was waking up at least once a night to the thud of three sleepy cats crashing to the floor whenever I turned over. ;)


Joyce Carlson said...

Hi Anne,
Well, I'm ever so relieved to get news of Banderleigh, plus a picture, and know that you're taking good care of him -- wonderful gorgeous cat that he is. I would like him to be here in Nairobi, but that just isn't possible. So we're adding two kittens to the household -- James and John, the Small Thundery Sons of Thunder. They are now disturbing the peace and happiness of Cricket Cat, and Clawdia, who have just recently been sharing our bed (together!!) as a protest against these new, tiny interlopers. This brings us to FOUR cats, which is still nothing compared to the neighbors who have been up to eight (with four kittens -- of whom we've taken two). They also have two dogs, and have been spoon feeding a third who was wandering around weakly, until it (a she) came to rest on their doorstep.
One wants to have plenty of dogs, I guess, in case of thieves. Two nights ago our cats nearly jumped out of their skins (at 4 in the morning actually) when they and we, heard sounds of automatic gunfire a couple of streets away. I'm still waiting to hear who was doing what to whom.
Joyce (Anne's mom for anyone who wonders)

The young fogey said...


Have you seen the Cats That Look Like Hitler site? :)

Anne Kennedy said...

Thank you so much, what a brilliant website. Had no idea it was a common thing. I've been following Francis around trying to get a proper picture of her now but she's so uncooperative.