Monday, February 12, 2007

desperate for news

Matt, after making me the most divine omelette
eggs, cheese, some sort of sausage, perfect consistency and flavor
has gone out for a walk. There's no way I'm going outside in this wretched cold. So instead I'm sitting here hitting refresh on T19 and Stand Firm. I guess I should do my homework or clean the house. But its just so hard to get away from this machine. Sigh


Karen B. said...

Anne, I relate all too well!

Here's a solution! LOL!! :->

Praying for your household this week given the craziness that must be ensuing given Stand Firm's major coverage of Tanzania.

Anne Kennedy said...

Very funny. Thanks so much. You can tell how obsessed I am because I've started going there and hitting refresh over and over. Lord help us all