Sunday, February 11, 2007

another thing

As we go into next week let me also just remind you (those of you who were at the blogger's dinner at Mere Anglicanism) of my One Prediction regarding Tanzania.

I put my little all on Akinola telling KJS in a very nice and Christian way to go boil her head, or something to that effect, either by letter, or statement or in an interview or personally. Whatever the outcome of the communion, that's my prediction.

I'm a blogger. I can predict.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything Christian about telling someone to go boil their head? Whups, wrong question. Is there anything Christian about Akinola?

Anne Kennedy said...

Sticking to the truth, whatever the cost, is actually a very Christian thing to do. Repudiating the truth, at every public opportunity-the truth of the Gospel, of the nature of Christ, of the Holy Scriptures etc-is not Christian. By whom I mean KJS who has said no Christian thing, who continues to persecute and persue those faithful Christian who remain in TEC, and who doesn't have the wisdom to be quiet about that which she knows not. But I'm not going to argue with you. At least and until you come in under some other title that 'anonymous'.